Playing with Your Food

Yesterday I had an epiphany.  How many times do you go to fix a meal only to discover you have all the “wrong” ingredients, or not enough of the “right” ingredients?

Now, normally, we wouldn’t think twice about popping back to the store to grab what we really need. But right now with most cities and regions cracking down on leaving your home except to walk your dog outside or essentials, this issue may create a problem.

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Eco-Wellness, Home Hygiene Edition- Shower for the Planet

So coronavirus is here. For the long haul, it seems.

To be honest, folks, I don’t have a lot of healthy “stay safe” tips that ALSO benefit the planet. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with warm/hot water does not HELP the environment. Hot water uses a lot more energy than cold. It also happens to be better at killing germs.

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Life Safari

In this note, we will be discussing the wisdom behind a beautiful short parable called Life Safari by John Strelecky. I first found Strelecky while I was a marine mammal trainer in Florida and picked up a quick short book titled Why Are You Here Café. It took me a few years to get around to reading it, but when I finally did, my whole view of life was altered. When Life Safari came out, I quickly nabbed a copy and read it in one sitting. It’s a really short, brilliant story of a young man visiting Africa and his adventure with his guide, Ma Ma Gombe. As they journey across the great continent of Africa, Jack learns more about life and how to appreciate it as well as everyone you meet along your journey. He completes one of his greatest dreams by seeing all the African animals on his journey, and realizes what he needs to do to get the most out of life.

While short in length, this book is an absolutely enormous volume in regards to wonderful tips and wisdom. And I’ll share some of my favorite big ideas with you in our first Animal Notes. Read More “Life Safari”

When a Stupid Virus Kicks You in the Butt Without Making You the Least Bit Sick

Big confession time: I haven’t written a freaking word in three weeks. Nothing on Fandom Fitness, nothing on Positive Reinforcement is Not a Burger After the Gym. No book proposal, no Healthy You, Healthy Earths, and no blog posts- no workouts, no recipes, no healthy tips.

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ZooFit Workout of the Day- Fandom Fitness: Avengers Assemble

The past few weeks we’ve had some fun with Joss Whedon and celebrating his contribution to the world of sci-fi, girl power, and geeky/nerdy fandoms. Three weeks, and three Tabatas. You’ll be pleased to know this week, I’m not doing a Tabata. No, no, a high intensity interval training workout with only four movements can’t cover all the awesome that is in this week’s workout. We have to create something…bigger.

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ZooFit Recipe of the Week: Sweet Sunset Salad

Say this five times fast- Sweet Sunset Salad.

This magical creation is vegan, paleo-friendly, and local-friendly (even for the winter). The main attraction for this “salad” are the beets and sweet potatoes. Depending on the season, you can find the most vibrantly colored beets, all of which give the same great taste, but bring beautiful colors to your plate. The colors resemble a sunset, hence its name. Read More “ZooFit Recipe of the Week: Sweet Sunset Salad”