For the Love…of Pollinators

I’ve had two super late nights in the past week, and while I certainly don’t like to make a habit of it, it was for another great cause. Chris and I didn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday. There was this whole snow storm thing, and our reluctance to ever leave the home thing. But it’s all good. Instead of Valentine’s dinner at an overpriced restaurant, we attended a special event dedicated to promoting conservation, education, and awareness on pollinators. Read More “For the Love…of Pollinators”

30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 20- Let’s Get Physical

Fitness is not just eating right. Nor is it just exercising. Fitness is a beautiful symphony of eating right to fuel your exercise and exercising to promote other healthy habits. Exercise doesn’t do us much good if we aren’t nourished, but if we don’t move, we won’t see amazing results. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Read More “30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 20- Let’s Get Physical”